Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar

Entrance to the Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar

The Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar belongs to a private company and is the largest aquarium in Andalusia, with 2 million liters of water and more than a thousand marine specimens.


The aquarium is divided into zones, in what they call the Water Cycle, an educational journey through the different habitats of marine animals.

Map of the Roquetas de Mar Aquarium
Map of the Roquetas de Mar Aquarium

  • The first area is the birth of water, the rivers. In this area there are freshwater fish, in a representation of what would be the Amazon river, where species such as piranhas and other fish from Brazil, Peru and Colombia stand out.


  • The second zone is the tropical sea. In this recreation of a coral reef we can observe the fish with the most colorful colors of the Aquarium, like the clownfish.


  • The third area is the oceans. This room has the largest volume tank of the aquarium, with 1,000,000 liters of water, and also the largest fish, such as sharks, which can be seen from all angles through a semi-tunnel gallery that Immerse in the fish tank.

  • The last room is dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and its species. We will be able to observe the marine bottoms of Posidonia meadows with all the animal diversity they contain and the rocky bottoms. The species found here are typical of our sea, horse mackerel, bream, bream, moray eels and groupers, to name a few..

Dive with sharks in Roquetas de Mar
Dive with sharks

The aquarium of Roquetas offers several services such as guided educational visits, for groups and schoolchildren, or even the possibility of bathing with the sharks and diving inside their tank, always with previously arranged visit at 950160036.

Useful information





  • Monday and Tuesday closed.

  • Wednesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10 am to 7 pm


Address, price and contact




Calle Almanzor, s / n Postal code: 04002, Almería




Children (up to 14 years old): € 10.95
                                    Minors (3 years old): Free, maximum 2 per adult.
                                    Over 65 years old: € 12.95
                                    Adult: € 14.95
                                    Children belonging to a large family (with accreditation): € 5.50
                                    Disabled (with accreditation): € 8




Phone: 950160036

Image gallery

Tropical freshwater fish room
Tropical freshwater fish room
Marine tropical fish room
Marine tropical fish room
Acuarium  Roquetas Oceanic tank
Oceanic tank
Acuarium Roquetas
Fish room with rocky bottoms
Acuarium Roquetas Fish in Posidonia fields
Fish in Posidonia fields


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