Beaches in Cabo de Gata

In its 70 kilometers of coastline, this natural park hides one of its greatest treasures its magnificent beaches. There are many beaches, some urban in small towns, others totally virgin and others more hidden and totally unknown. Here we will explain the most visited or those that have more fame, for a complete list of the beaches of Cabo de Gata-Níjar you can consult this page.

Beach of los Muertos

Beach of Los Muertos Cabo de Gata

The beach of los Muertos is one of the best known beaches of Cabo de Gata, and it appears normally in all the lists among the best beaches in Spain. It is located in the municipality of Carboneras, on the road that connects the city with Agua Amarga. It is a rectilinear beach with crystal clear blue water and gravel-like sand that becomes thinner as we get closer to the shore.


The access is not easy, because from the parking lot to the sand we have a descent by dirt road of about 15 minutes, it is also not the favorite beach for the little ones because the water covers quickly. But despite these two drawbacks we are facing a totally virgin beach, surrounded by cliffs and an exultant purity.

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Beach of Mónsul

Beach of Mónsul Cabo de Gata

The beach of Mónsul is a place of singular beauty, with formations of solidified lava that reach a totally virgin beach, in the center of the sand a huge rock is the most characteristic symbol of this beach. Many movies, commercials and music videos have been shot on this beach, such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or The Adventures of the Baron of Münchausen , among others. We will find it near the town of San José, on the dirt road that leads to the Campillo de los Genoveses.


The access to the beach from the car park is not complicated, it is carried out by a totally flat dirt road, however in summer time the access to these beaches is limited to a certain number of cars daily, once the access has been exceeded. The only way to access is by bus.

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El Playazo

Playazo beach is located in the town of Rodalquilar. It is a great beach about 400 meters long with fine sand and that covers very little. On the east side of this beach is the Castle of San Ramón, on the right side of the beach there is a rocky bottom area that will delight the snorkel fans, as it is the habitat of a variety of aquatic animals such as fish, octopus or crabs.


There is a parking area next to the beach and the level of occupation in summer is medium.

Beach of Genoveses

Beach of genoveses Cabo de Gata

This huge beach located to the west of San José occupies a natural cove. It is an ideal place to spend a family day on a totally unspoiled beach, because the sand is exquisitely fine and the water does not cover until well inside. The back of the beach is populated by the typical vegetation of the area such as pitas and prickly pears, the ideal conditions are to be found in an idyllic place worthy of a postcard.


As we already said, on the beach of Mónsul, the traffic to this beach is limited in summer, being able to reach it by bus or simply by walking, it is not more than a kilometer from the town of San José. The rest of the year can be accessed without problem by the dirt road to the parking lot of the beach, located a few meters from the sand, in summer, if we are the first to arrive and has not yet filled, we must pay to be able park.


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Beach of las Salinas

Beach of las salinas Cabo de Gata

In the neighborhood of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata in Almeria we find the largest beach in the natural park, more than 4 kilometers of beach, due to the enormity of this beach, even in summer, occupation is low. The composition of the sand is thick, for the most part, although there are also areas of finer sand.


This beach is between the neighborhood of San Miguel and the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata. Next to the beach we find Las Salinas, a part of which continues to be exploited to extract salt and another part is a reserve of animals, the most striking of which are pink flamingos. There are several sighting huts to observe the birds around the main pond.

Cove San Pedro

The San Pedro cove is the most famous of the coves of difficult access that we will find in the park. It can only be reached by sea or walking along a path of approximately one hour. Once we have crossed the road we will find a beautiful cove, with the ruins of an old castle, a fountain and vegetation. The shortest way to get to Cove San Pedro starts from the town of Las Negras.


Cove San Pedro has become famous for being a meeting point for the hippie community, and in summer it is easy to find people who live in the cove, who have set up their small camp there and sleep in the open. For more information about this beach you can visit Cove San Pedro .


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